wipers times reviews

"James Smith's lighting was spot on"
British Theatre Guide
"James Smith's evocative lighting design"
"James Smith's lighting design is slick"
"atmospheric lighting for James Smith"
"James Smith is to be commended for an exceptional job"
"together with some excellent lighting, the action is non stop"
"James Smith's lighting design brings a verve to proceedings"
"The lighting in this production also creates great atmospherics"
"The Wipers times was a very professional production where the setting, choreography, lighting and sound masterfully contributed"
"With lighting designer James Smith's clever coloured highlighting, we have bright flashes into the world of music hall"
Mark Aspin
"while the intimidating bang and flash of artillery bombardments are evoked in Steve Mayo's sound and James Smith's lighting"

other reviews

"James Smith's elaborate lighting design adorns many of the numbers effectively, without being obstructive"
Godspell in Concert

"the lighting designed by James Smith captures the different settings in New York and Havana perfectly"
Guys & Dolls

"James Smith who designed the lighting used a predominantly fixed rig and twas clever and discrete. The lighting was superb."
The MGM Story

"outstanding lighting design that lifted the multifunctional set and allowed your imagination to fill the required blanks of both the space and time"
See what I Wanna See

"The gentle combination of music, lighting and design create a compellingly beautiful portrayal of the contrast between childish innocence and the harsh reality of a life without love and kindess."
The Selfish Giant


"The lighting design by James Smith is bright, eye catching and atmospheric... even the play-in-front cloths, which are normally rather plain. are delightful to look at"
Snow White - Liverpool

Mark McNulty